Breathe in touch experience
Perfume Zone

Whether you are a company, hotel or restaurant, your interior communications the first impression to your visitors will notice and can leave lasting opinions on your organisation's abilities no matter how professional your service or products.

Your visitors will notice environmental detail - it is all part of the corporate experience.

Meeting rooms and accessible offices too inform visitors of your attention to every detail and give an impression of order, confidence and innovation.

Working closely with companies, hotels, restaurants and their profiling agencies, Perfume is changing the way in which clients view their purchasing of floral and plant display. Perfume also has ranges of products which allow a clients to radically freshen up their interiors using sculptural and architectural products to contain displays. These can be hired on contract or bought and can bring total individuality to your business interior, directing the message you wish to portray.

From a very simple flower display to a fully customised interior, Perfume can advise you as to how to achieve your requirements. Your clients and colleagues will appreciate the quality changes we can bring at a cost you can easily afford.